Travelling Meditator was started in the month of November 2016 with a simple idea of sharing my thoughts with everyone on a larger platform. The basic idea was to showcase my perspective about life and different lessons I am learning from all the incidents happening around me.

Love for Travelling

Gradually in the journey I met many people who taught me many things that changed my way of thinking and my entire perspective towards life. Hence I feel Travelling changes you and transforms you into a completely different person.

On Travelling Meditator we have a group of friends sharing their life experiences involving travelling journeys to some stunningly beautiful locations. The entire process of becoming aware of something that goes beyond boundaries and conventional norms is simply amazing and I would like to invite you to be a part of this journey!

Meditation because Google fails to answer some questions!

I started Meditation in 2012 with Zero prejudices or judgments. Years later what I have realized is that it is the only thing that our mind needs the most than anything else in the world.

Hence Travelling Meditator also talks about Meditation and tries to cover topics that are ignored by many of us in our day to day lives. Our entire team hopes to add value to your life in every possible way !