Important Myths about Meditation

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Many people find it difficult to start meditation due to multiple reasons. One of these reasons is the myths they have about Meditation. In this post, I am going to address two such myths which act as a hindrance to many.

Myth #1: Meditation means No thoughts

A common myth about Meditation is that you must not have any thoughts while meditating. That is why whenever anyone tries to meditate for the first time, they realize reaching such state of mind is very difficult.

In Meditation you don’t fight with your thoughts, in fact, you don’t take any effort to get rid of them. Instead, you just observe them. Good thoughts or bad thoughts, you don’t hold on to any of them. For those 20/30 minutes, you are just witnessing everything happening in your mind.

As a result, you feel very light and calm, after meditating. That calm state of mind do not mean lack of thoughts, it simply indicates the reduced intensity of your thoughts and emotions.

Remember, you can’t control your thoughts, so stop forcing yourself. Just become aware and let them go with every breath. I will discuss this more in my upcoming posts and share my experiences of struggling to deal with ever-changing emotions.

Personal Note – Even today, when I meditate, I get a lot of thoughts about every damn thing in the world, from cheesecake cravings to innovative ideas at work, but the key is to just observe them coming and going on their own.

When I open my eyes after 20-30 minutes, I feel very enthusiastic about the ideas which I get while meditating. The only difference is while meditating I am just excited and want to do everything at once, whereas post Meditation my calm mind comes up with more innovative tricks and ways to implement those ideas.

Myth #2: Meditation is Spiritual

For many, Meditation is some kind of spiritual or for that matter a religious activity, which is not true. A lot of people who are meditating for years, meditate as a part of their daily health regime.

Meditation is a way of maintaining mental hygiene to reduce stress and anxiety. The quality of rest our body gets from Meditation is deeper than sleep. Meditation also helps in cleansing impressions of past events on our mind, which is truly refreshing and energizing.

Meditation lowers blood pressure hence recommended to individuals suffering from high blood pressure and hypertension. Meditation improves breathing and heart rates resulting in improved immunity and energy level.

So don’t avoid meditation, even if you are not into spirituality. Do it for your health. Once you see the positive changes it brings in your body, you will automatically start meditating regularly.

In upcoming posts, I will discuss more such myths about Meditation and will to try to answer them all to the best of my abilities and knowledge. Feel free to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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